Jaeger, servant of Cherubael

tasked by cherubael to slay the party, writes very polite notes.


the first time the party encountered Jaeger, it was on the way to slay a dragon. he wielded a spiked chain and 2 magical scimitars.

the second encounter, jaeger wielded a large hell-metal greatsword.


1st encounter)
Jaeger is a large man, standing at 6 foot 2 and weight roughly 220 lbs. he has brown eyes and has shaved his head. he wore master crafted Battle Plate armor. along with his armor, he wielded a spiked chain and two magical scimitars. he offered to fight the party 1 on 1 and initially engaged costain in battle, before an impertinent dwarf barbarian entered the fray and the party jumped jaeger as a whole, slaying him quickly.

(2nd encounter)
the second time around, jaeger appeared during a planning session in the dwarf hold of Karak Varn. instead of his heavy armor (which Costain had claimed from his last battle) he wore a chain shirt as well as arm bracers. he had also given up his two weapon fighting to instead focus on a single 2 handed sword. he attacked the party along with 6 dretches. Jaeger was eventually slain, but not before he carved up Zook. before entering battle, Jaeger attempted to sway Hank and his thugs into attacking the party. but was foiled by his refusal to do buisness with fiends.

Jaeger, servant of Cherubael

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