Finwe, The Duskblade

Half-elf, Duskblade


6th Level Duskblade
Chaotic Good Deity: Corellon Larethian (God of magic, music, arts, poetry, and war)
Medium, 5’8", 120lb
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

Hit points: 52
AC: 22
BAB: 1/6
Strength: 15 + 2
Dexterity: 12 + 1
Constitution: 15 +2
Intelligence: 16 + 3
Wisdom: 8 – 1
Charisma: 11

Saving Throws:
Will: 4 + 1
Fortitude: 7 – 1
Reflex: 3
Speed: 30 ft.

Racial Features:
Humanoid Elf
Immunity to sleep spells and sim. magic
+1 Listen +1 Search +1 Spot Check
+2 Racial bonus Saving Throws
+2 Diplomacy
+2 Gather Information

Class Features:
Arcane atunement: Spell-like abilities 6/day
Spellpower: +2 Spell resist checks
Combat Casting +4 Concentration
Arcane Channeling: spells through weapon
Armored mage-medium
Quick cast: 1/day

Plucky +1 will/-fortitude

Arcane Casting:
0 level spells: 9
1 level spells: 8
2 level spells: 5

O Level: acid splash, disrupt undead, ray of frost
1 Level: Kelgore’s fire bolt, magic weapon, blade of blood, shocking grasp, true strike (+20 to next attack/bullshit spell),
2 Level: Melf’s acid arrow, dimension hop, darkvision

Feats taken:
Maximize spell
Still spell

Decipher script- 5
Sense motive- 5
Knowledge (archana)- 7
Knowledge (geography)- 7
Knowledge (nature)- 7
Knowledge (psionics)- 6


*Personality: Quiet, determined, good-humored, rebellious, persevering, likes a good joke, enjoys long walks on the beach and bossanova. *

Backstory: Is half-sister to (Devin’s character). Her mother was elven and her father was human. She and her brother studied under a duskblade sage.

Finwe, The Duskblade

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