The Founding

visiting the goliaths

while Costain aided Roche and the other warmasters of the hold in planning the next phase of the siege, he sent Marik to babysit the rest of the party on a trip to visit the goliaths while holding the mountians.

Arastyx, the halfling rogue, has disappeared.
Lawesse, the Elf Druid, is busy communing with nature spirits and elementals

this left Marik, Raulkor, Arcelliere, Lan, and Gribnik the badger, to scale the mountian.

on their way to the top, the group was shadowed by goblins and attacked on their 4th night of travel.

upon reaching the summit. the party finds that the Goliaths are under a great affliction. a third of the tribe is infected with some supernatural disease that saps the goliath’s strenght and vitality, along with degrading their mental faculties, 6 goliaths have already succumbed to the disease, and their bodies were cast from the tribe.

the head goliath – Ulak – Chieftain – Cliffborn, tasks the party with removing this affliction, otherwise the goliaths will surely be wiped out and leave the mountain top in the hands of the invading horde.

upon searching the camp for clues and some magical experiments, Marik and Raulkor discover signs of a trespasser in the tents where the diseased goliaths used to reside in.

after a several hour detour (made longer by the ineptitude of Lan the fail-ranger) the party discovered a plateu.

Zeru the necromancer then attacked the party, calling costain out to personal combat. stating that he is behind the disease and knew it was only a matter of time until costain arrived to be destroyed, along with much maniacle laughter.

upon being informed costain was not present, zeru became rather upset and ordered 5 goliath skeletons to attack the party. Zeru cast a web spell at the party, and flew away, swearing revenge on costain and his minions.

during the battle, Gribnik was smooshed by a goliath-skeleton’s hammer, the rest of the party fought their way on to victory.

with zeru gone, the goliaths are rapidly improving in health.



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