The Founding

Adventure 1 - Rescue the Unicorn

module adventures

And thus it began….

They met in a tavern, as often happens in such tales: Tarik, a dwarf of martial bearing whose eyes betrayed none of the secrets that would dictate his comrades’ destinies; Costain the Knight of Barregarrow, a paladin who had taken up a life of knight errantry; Lawesse, an eleven Druid fresh from the wilds with Naila, a wolf, for a companion; Lan, a ranger whose destiny seemed clouded even then; and Bart, a bowman of no small skill. That they had gathered at one table that night, given their unusual mix, has been called destiny by some. Others say blind chance led them all to the only table that had room.

Whatever the reason, they were the obvious and only choice to turn to for help when word arrived of a danger to a friend of the town. Alabern, the Unicorn who inhabited the wild nearby, had been taken prisoner — reportedly by goblins. Such a bold attack worried the town elders. If Alabern could be captured, were there more goblins nearby, waiting to attack.

Both Costain and Lawesse — albeit for different reasons — immediately volunteered. The rangers signed on quickly as well, although Lan’s questions about a reward puzzled many (His off-beat sense of humor would only become accepted later.). Tarik’s quick assent came as something of a surprise to some. While many ascribed his motivation to a racial hatred, his desire to do good through deeds of war was the true reason for his joining.

The group found the clearing where Alabern had been struck by an arrow. The trail was clear enough for the rangers to track the goblins back to their bolt-hole. Taking careful aim, Lan and
Bart dispatched all but one of the goblins. As he turned to warn his comrades, Tarik and Costain charged. The fight was brief and decisive.

Breaking in the crude door, the battle moved to the room where Alabern was held. Ignoring the blows of his enemies, Costain imposed himself between the goblins and the fallen unicorn. Blows were exchanged; Goblins fell; the wolf was fed.

Between them, Costain and Lawesse managed to revive the unicorn, which had been poisoned by the goblins. Alabern befriended the party but the success was mixed with warning. The goblins did not appear to be acting on their own. Alabern set off to consult with the Archdruid who had ovseen Lawesse’s training, deep within the forest. Dark forces appeared to be on the move. As the triumphant party returned to town, none would have known that the very group that would check those forces had assembled that day.



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